Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Let's talk Trash!

Home Economics in TY focuses on Junk Kouture. This is a competition that allows us to work in a team to create a full outfit, made completely out of recycled materials. Students can make their costume out of a variety of materials such as bubblewrap, cardboard, paper, bottlecaps etc, but it must contain at least one electrical item. The whole process is very time consuming, but it really is a great experience.

All TY's must participate in making the outfit. One student from each group is chosen by her group to model the dress for the fashion show held in the school for the other TY students to see. After the school fashion show, some students are chosen to go onto the Junk Kouture national competition, to compete against other schools. The judges are looking for a creative dress, that shows that a lot of work has been put in.

To find out more about the Junk Kouture competition, visit their website

Listen to our interview with TY students about preparing for the competition below.


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