Thursday 24 October 2013

Is the world child friendly? Tabei will find out.

Today Lauren from the RTY team spoke to class Tabei about their Development Education project as part of the Schools Across Borders programme. The title they have chosen for their project is: 'Is the world child friendly?'. This is a hugely important matter and in order to cover each aspect of it, the class split into groups. Lauren went around and asked each group what they are working on. Have a listen!

Check out their blog in the next few weeks to find out their answer.


  1. Great launch podcast; well done! Good spread of topics - very well chosen and all very topical. And well reported too.

  2. Well done! All of you picked really interesting projects. I'm looking forward hearing more from you with your first impressions, ideas and findings. Best of luck :) Kerstin (MDP student UCD/Trinity)

  3. Looking forward to tuning in for more in the next few weeks. Really curious to find out what the groups have to say about 'Nature vs Nurture' and also the role 'Gender' plays. Good luck, ladies!